Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA? “Community Suppoted Agriculture” (CSA) links consumers with a local grower. It is not a home delivery service. CSAs spread the risks inherent to any farming enterprise over a larger group of supportive people. Rather than a difficult year being potentially disastrous to the business, Sharers help make small-scale, local farming a sustainable option. We do not guarantee amounts of produce for each week. You are going to get a wide variety of tasty, fresh produce delivered to designated drop off sites. Anticipating variety and change in each week’s harvest is the key to enjoying your Share: we recommend you do not expect a certain amount of produce. You will have to supplement your weekly Share with produce we don’t have available that week, particularly in June and early July: this is, after all, Alberta, and it takes at least eight weeks for the garden to really take off.” Graham Sparrow, Sparrow’s Nest Organics

Neubauer Farms launched the first CSA in the Medicine Hat region during the 2013 growing season. While our farm is not certified organic, we employ natural means to grow your vegetables. This means we give our shareholders delicious tasting produce that does not come into contact with pesticides. We use manure as a natural fertilizer and try our best to select heritage seeds that are GMO free. Our CSA provides shareholders with a weekly vegetable pick-up directly from the farm. Produce is harvested, washed and picked up on the same day to supply our members with the freshest produce possible. The Neubauer Farms CSA only has non-working shares. We do the work and you enjoy the healthy, delicious vegetables.

In 2013 we started harvesting vegetables the last week of June and wrapped up the last week of September. We expect between 12 – 14 weeks of vegetable availablity.

We are excited to offer both full and half shares. Full shares will be more than adequate for a family of 4 and a half share will fulfil the needs of a 2 people for a week.

Possible vegetables available for the 2014 include: Tomotoes, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, green onions, onions, beans, peas, edamame beans, beets, potatoes, spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, zucchini, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, eggplant, peppers and various herbs.

Please send us a message in the contact section if you are interested in more information about our CSA program. Because customer service and quality are the most important aspects of our business, we will only be offering a limited number of shares for the 2014 growing season.